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Garden Supplies

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Cloche Tunnel

Cloche poly tunnel A cloche for covering and protecting plants or seeds outdoors in beds. Opens..

Ex Tax: €29.00

Garden Lime Soil Conditioner

Garden Lime Soil Conditioner 3.5kg Fast nutrient uptake Reduces soil acidity Healthier, bou..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Gro Sure All Purpose Slow Release Plant food

Gro-Sure All purpose slow release plant Food Great for baskets and containers Feeds for 6 mont..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Gro Sure Ericaceous Plant food

Gro-Sure All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food great for Rhododendrons, Azaleas & Camellias ..

Ex Tax: €8.50

Gro-Sure Seaweed enriched Tomato Food 2L

Gro Sure Seaweed Enriched Tomato Food 2L Packed with nutrients, extra potash & magnesium S..

Ex Tax: €10.00

Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers

Nature’s Haven Easy WildflowersSelected to atract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insectsEasy..

Ex Tax: €12.00
Rose Food enriched with Horse manure Out Of Stock

Rose Food enriched with Horse manure

Rose Food Enriched with Horse Manure Enriched with horse manure • Bigger blooms • Helps prevent..

Ex Tax: €10.00

Seaweed Enhanced Plant food

Seaweed Enhanced •All the benefits of Seaweed plus: • Increased crop yield • Improves root fo..

Ex Tax: €9.00

Seed Tray with lid

Mini Green house Seed tray with lid which creating a mini green house for germinating seeds ..

Ex Tax: €6.00