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Box Hedging (Buxus)

Box hedging (Buxus) Buxus Semperivens or Box Hedging makes a fabulous formal low hedge...

Ex Tax: €5.00

Cornus Alba Siberica (Red Dogwood)

(Cornus Alba Siberica) Red dogwood is loved by gardeners, landscapers and homeowners for its ha..

Ex Tax: €2.50
Laurel Hedging. Out Of Stock

Laurel Hedging.

Laurel produce an evergreen hedge with a large glossy leaves. Laurels are shade tolerant Plant at..

Ex Tax: €4.50

Privet hedging Golden (Bareroot)

Gold Privet hedging plants Ligustrum aureum, Varigeated glossy green and gold leaves. Semi-evergr..

Ex Tax: €2.75