Rose Food enriched with Horse manure

Rose Food enriched with Horse manure

Rose Food Enriched with Horse Manure

Enriched with horse manure
• Bigger blooms
• Helps prevent disease
• Adds organic matter

Your roses need the very best to flourish and thats why we've created Westland Rose Food, containing the key nutrients roses need to produce a fantastic show of beautiful blooms. Gardeners have long known that roses love horse manure and know there's a simple. mess free way to reap the benefits by using Westland Rose Food. High potassium encourages bigger, more beautiful blooms to develop. Essential trace elements and the right balance of key nutrients keep roses healthy and strong. Westland Rose Food contains both fast acting and naturally slow release nutrients which enrich and improve the soil.

NPK: 5-4-7+Magnesium

Pack size 3Kg


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