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Rosa 'Gentle Hermione' (Ausrumba) David Austin Rose

Rosa 'Gentle Hermione' (Ausrumba) David Austin Rose

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Rosa 'Gentle Hermione' is a classically beautiful rose and its outstanding feature is probably the timeless perfection of its flowers. They start at neatly rounded cups filled with petals, that develop into into a perfect rosette shape. the colour is a delicate shade of blush pink, the whole flower having an air of refinement. the growth is upright at first, gradually fanning out into a broader shrub. It has a strong old Rose fragrance with just a hint of myrrh. it has typical Old Rose foliage which is highly disease-resistant. Height 120cm Spread 90cm. Rosa 'Gentle Hermione' will bring a touch of beauty and grace to your garden 

Pot Size 6L 

Fragrance - Strong - Old Rose 

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