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Rosa 'Tranquillity' (Ausnoble) David Austin Rose

Rosa 'Tranquillity' (Ausnoble) David Austin Rose

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Rosa 'Tranquillity' is a beautifully rounded flowers, with neatly placed petals making up perfect rosettes. The buds are lightly tinged with yellow but as the flowers open they become pure white. A vigorous shrub; its growth is bushy and upright, clothed in light green foliage, curving outwards in a most attractive manner. With its pure white flowers, this rose lives up to its name.

Pot Size 6L

Colour: White 
Flowering: Repeat Flowering 
Fragrance: Light, Fruity
Bloom Size: Large 
Family: English Shrub Rose
Size: Medium Shrub Height125cm Spread125cm


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